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Miracle: God Saved Our Home from a Fire

My best friend and roommate, Linda, came home one day and announced that she purchased 10 cases of water!  They were in the truck and back seat of her car – could I bring them into the house?  “What are … Continue reading

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God Healed My Heart and Performed a Miracle

One day I prayed a simple prayer to the Lord.  “Lord, I pray in Jesus’ Name, please remove anything that is hindering my walk with You.”  Little did I know that a miracle would transpire.  More importantly, little did I … Continue reading

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The Miracle of an Iron Object Floating in Water

Can something that is made of iron float in the water?  Not in the natural.  Can something made of iron sink in the water and then rise to float on top of the water?  No, not in the natural.  Can … Continue reading

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