Your Words – Your Tongue – Sets the Course for Your Life

Right Thinking, Right Words, Blessed Life – Daily Devotional (Day 4)

James 3:2-12  James tells us here that the tongue is like a bit in a horse’s mouth or a rudder on a ship that steers the vessel. James also says that the tongue “sets the whole course of one’s life on fire”.

One of the most important differences between animals and man is man’s ability to speak.  God spoke the world and the entire universe into existence.  God gave man all authority on earth (Genesis 1:26-31).  We have creative power in our words.  As in Proverbs 18:21 (“Death and life are in the power of the tongue”), our words have power to create positive outcomes or negative outcomes in our life.  We speak our life into existence by the words we say.

Our words have the ability to bless or curse, to create life or release death (negative circumstances) into our life.  The tongue – our words – has the ability set the course of your life into motion.  Most people use their words to produce negativity, which can produce bad fruit in our life (see Day 1 of this devotional).  Not only can negative situations transpire in your life, but we can also create misrepresentations, falsehoods, envying, jealousies, wrath, and malice, to name a few, with our words.

We need to speak positively, and align our words to match the promises of God.  Find one or two scriptures that speak to your situation.  Write them down on a card or piece of paper and then meditate on God’s Word by thinking about it and speaking it out loud.  God’s Word is true and God’s Words will not return void (Isaiah 55:11).

If a negative circumstances is occurring in your life today, then turn it around with your words.  Talk back to your circumstances with positive, faith-filled words and watch your life change!

SCRIPTURE MEDITATION:  James 3:2-12, Proverbs 18:21, Psalm 141:3


What words are you saying today that are negative?

Write down the verses and phrases that line up with God’s Word that you will declare today:


Remember to thank God and honor Him with your words.  You may want to begin your praise to God with a verse from the Bible or a song you’ve heard.



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